[Places] Lost in Time

ImageImageImageImageImagePenang is most definitely one of my favourite places. It holds great memories for me as I spent four years of my university life there, carefree and adventurous, nonetheless. It has so much to offer, from culturally infused heritage streets and buildings, to heavenly delightful food and sights to visit. Here is one place that I popped by many years ago, while it was being restored. I met a Mynmar worker there and befriended him. He even wrote me letters!

Here, I revisited, with my hubby (tall guy in red) and it still smells of the fresh memories that linger on, in my mind. The intricate sculpting work and design intrigued me the most. A place called Thean Ho Kong (Temple of Heavenly Queen), it was founded in 1860s and went through restorations, but still remain, strong, against the test of time.

Let there be a place, you hold close to your heart and will always visit, again and again.


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