[Faces] The Fashion Forward Designer, Jimmy Lim (Part 2)

ImageImageThe peppermint tea was still simmering, my conversation with Jimmy continued. It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon after all.

What’s important in the process of making clothes? Jenn, believe it or not, sampling is actually crucial. It’s like your prototype. Once you get it right, the rest will fall into place. Some times, when you look at the outcome of a certain piece that is not quite right, at times, it may not be something to do with the seamstress or the tailoring, perhaps you need to go back and look at your sampling. Get your sampling right, it will even save you lots of time, and money! (not to mention, the headache of altering!). I am a strong believer in good tailoring. I would like to believe that my clients and customers wear a piece of Jimmy Lim know that it is a good piece of tailoring work gone into it. ImageImageImage

What inspire your designs? A lot, but I will always go back to my own previous collections. There is always something that works, pick that certain element(s), infuse it with new ideas, and most of the time, a brand new collection is born. Perhaps I am  such a nostalgic person, I love to look back, yet move forward at the same time. So, if you ever own a piece from my previous collections, you can always mix and match it with another piece from my new collections. They will work. You can always expand your wardrobe that way, you will have the longevity with your clothes! ImageImageImage

How does it feel, being the winner of so many fashion awards? Jenn, it feels great! It means a lot when you are being recognized by the work you do and the effort you put into your work. It’s hard work, but it’s also heaps of fun. I think putting winning a certain award pushes you to work even harder, there is a goal that you strive towards. It elevates the seriousness you put into the things you do. ImageImage

What’s a good advise for new fashion designers? There’s no secret to it. Just sew! Yes, make clothes, get down to it and make clothes. Sew clothes for your friends, make clothes for yourself, that’s how you learn, horn your skills and improve along the way. Just make lots of clothes. That’s what I did in my uni days. I could still remember, I was very shy in my secondary school days, I asked a teacher, should I take up home tech? The male teacher said to me, why not? Don’t worry about what others will think of you, just do it! That was when I took up cooking, sewing, that was the seed I had sewn for my fashion career now. If it weren’t for that encouragement, I would not have stepped out of my shell.

Our conversations trailed off into the late afternoon. One thing I learnt catching up with my dear friend, Jimmy, is that, you need to follow your heart, and do the things you love. Be good at it, and the rest will fall into their rightful place. What a rewarding afternoon that was. I could still smell the peppermint tea in the air. ImageImage

Check out more of jimmy’s fashion and work at his official website here. Better still, head off to Parkamaya at  Fahrenheit or Bangsar Telawi 2 to shop! Stay luminous and stay happy always! Can’t wait to meet my next FACES personality. Stay tuned to find out who’s next *_^ For part 1 of the post, click here.

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