[Faces] Your Wedding Dreams Come True With Celest Thoi (Part 2)

Celest Thoi in person3

A friendly and talented designer, Celest herself

CT gown19CT gown13For a wedding to be what you envision, the gown itself plays a big part in making sure that you look your best on that very special day. When you walk down that aisle, all eyes are on you, all the more you need to wear the gown BEST (and not the other way round). I had a great time chatting with my wedding gown designer friend, Celest Thoi. She is one of the most noted and known bridal designers around town today.

How do you promote your brand? Design and make the best wedding gown. When your client is happy, they will introduce their friends to you. Media coverage also helps in promoting my work to the rest of the world. I am fortunate to have such support from local and international media. It is good to know that your hard work is being make known. I also update my blog as much as I can.  Facebook is a good way to spread the word around too these days.CT media2CT media1 weddingCT media3CT media4Do you see yourself doing this for a long long time? I do hope so. It can be tiring and daunting. I love the creative and designing part of the bridal work, most definitely. The business end of it, financial, figures and what not are a whole different thing all together. But my second daughter says she would love to take over my business one day, so she asks me not to sell it! Perhaps she likes to play dress up and all, that’s why she is keen to learn. I am more than happy if that happens. CT gown14CT gown23CT gown17

ct client2

Picture via Celest Thoi official website

I see that you design shoes as well?  Yes, I do. I design shoes to go with the gowns, and we also have certain accessories like jewelry and head pieces. I enjoy putting everything together and make my client’s dream come true. The reason I pick this location (First Floor) and not a retail unit where you have walk-in customers is that I want to have a more intimate time with my clients when we discuss and talk about the designs of the gowns and all. I want that quiet time to be able to understand my clients better.CT Shoes whiteCT gown25

ct client

Celest Thoi design. Picture via Celest Thoi official website

You were at Indonesia recently, was that a working trip or a holiday? It was a working trip. I love to travel to see what others in the same line of business are doing. Jenn, you would not believe how elaborate Indonesians weddings can be. Their art decor, the gowns, everything is extremely magnificent. Their weddings can be very detailed and grand. It is a huge business and quite a matured one. We at Malaysia here still have some catching up to do. She grins, telling me, excitedly.CT gown21

I would not know about that but I am sure it is a booming business for one will be getting married some day. As for my friend, Celest, I am very sure that she will continue to work her magic and produce more beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of wedding gowns that will make your heart melt. I left Celest’s boutique with a very blissful feeling.  For more pictures of Celest Thoi’s gowns, here to view at my Flickr page. You can always visit Celest’s boutique at B2-1-1, Publika, Solaris Dutamas or visit her website here for more details. Till my next session with my FACES personality, stay luminous and happy! Check out part 1 of the post here.

lumi sign off with love cropped

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