Pieces of Love


Tiny Gold Star Shaped Pearl Earrings


Vintage with a touch of modern watch from Japan

Owning a piece of accessory is like love at first sight. When you see that particular piece that catches your eyes the very first time, that would be the one. Your heart skips a beat. Your eyes light up, like a foolish young school girl. That love, has no particular reason, it cannot be explained in words, can only be felt in your heart, and appreciated over time. Same goes to that special someone you fell in love with. The watch and tiny pair of studded star-shaped earrings are two pieces I recently added (to my collection), and the two pieces below are the ones I have had for more than two years from Topshop. I love them to bits! I hope you have one or two pieces (maybe a whole bunch) of accessories or jewelry that you have fallen in love with many years back, and still head over heels over.


Golden Gem Stone Cocktail Ring from Topshop


My other favourite ring from Topshop

These below are some I absolutely have a crush on. You can see more of my crushes over at my pinterest board here.


1. Gold ring by JanishJewels on Etsy via pinterest

2. Gold bangle by Seababejewelry on Etsy via pinterest

3. Stone gold necklace at needsupply.com via pinterest

4. Earth and Ore cocktail ring by Adina Mills via pinterest

5. Accessories via bookscoffeeandprettythings.tumblr.com

6. Gold hoop studded earrings at emmasite.com

Stay luminous and I wish you have some real Sweet Sweet Dreams tonight *_^

lumi sign off with love cropped


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