Hello Pink September

Yay! First day of September (Already?!) Time slips by without a trace. Lots have happened and perhaps, will continue to unfold this coming new months ahead. Let’s hope it is a good month for everyone out there. Suddenly, I woke up feeling that September can be a month full of surprises, in terms of colours. Why not give our look a fresh approach (perhaps can be shocking or something you have never dared to venture into before) with one of the most enigmatic and romantic colours of all, PINK.  Here are some of my favourites, all things pink and lovely.piink j crewpink fur hermes belt n clic clac braceletpink maxipink fashion objects

Make-up look can also be fun with either hints of pink, soft and subtle or if you are adventurous enough, you can try something really bold, perhaps? Whichever way, wear it proud, as long as it makes you happy >_<  soft pink lips thelovemagazine.co.ukdramatic pink lookpink make-uppink objectsObjects in shades of pink are also very inviting at home. By the way, if you would like to try your hands on making some pink or red tinted lip balms yourself at home (DIY style), check out how easy it is here via  Le Zoe Musings blog. I love Kellie’s blog! Here for more.

DIY tinted lip balms. Pictures via le zoe musings blog. Link below

DIY tinted lip balms. Pictures via le zoe musings blog. Link to blog above

Stay luminous and enjoy September *_^

lumi sign off with love cropped

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