As White As Dream, That Dream of You

bare shoulder weissesrauschen.tumblr.comLeaving behind, I stripped away those colours that would define me. Nothing but pure creamy WHITE. Feeling naked and liberated, I crushed into the sand of time, walking along those waves of unbelievably soft and beautiful corners of my mind, in search of that voice, your crisp and clear, yet gentle voice, calling me from the distance.

white creamy collage4I wonder, am I still dreaming, as I am still hiding beneath these white sheets, or are you whispering sweet words into my ears? I smiled a little, quivering with shyness that I could not hide, like a silly girl, falling in love, for the very first time, heart beating against the tides. It almost crushes me into thousand pieces of crystals.

white creamy collage1Shining and glittering like diamonds, I vaguely see you walking towards me, in the bright morning sun. I can hardly make out your silhouette. My face is as pale as the clouds drifting across the sky, but you don’t seem to mind at all, not at all.

white creamy collage2white creamy collage3I ask myself. deep down, what have I done, in this lifetime, to have met, someone, as beautiful as you? The question echoes into the horizon of the ocean, only the stillness  of the sea, looking right back at me. You make me breakfast, you bring me flowers, you shower me with tenderness of your soul.

beachI will catch, I will catch your smile, along with the wind that envelops and sweeps me off my feet, with you. I am, but a girl, looking for that dream, after all. That dream that all beautiful moments can be magically frozen, in time. Shall we run along and have our cup of coffee, while listening to our favourite song?almond biscotti


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