About Lumi

lumi collage

A lover of all things beautiful. A dreamer at heart, imagining life’s little pleasure, exploring the wonders of beauty, fashion, design, music, film, art and everything in between that fascinate and inspire me. Juggling a life as a screenwriter, producer in the real world, I would love to, once in a while, escape into my imaginary (hopefully one day become reality) world of ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL and ILLUMINATED. in LIFE, with STYLE.

I grew up in a small town in Kelantan, and had the most fun time of my life back in a local university in Penang (North of Peninsular Malaysia) while I was studying Mass Communications (TV and Radio). I used to be very sports driven (back in those uni days) like played tennis competitively and swam, but these days, I am only a social swimmer. It would be lucky if I could squeeze in some time for exercising (just plain lazy, actually!). Anyways, nowadays, I love to be in my creative world of film/TV making and blogging about beauty and all while having a blast seeing my two boys growing into fine young men (very soon!) and spend time with my loving supportive film director hubby. Life is awesome (with the ups and downs).

Note: All photography on Luminnej is taken (or carefully re-edited) by me, including pictures with add on graphics or texts. All outer source photos are cited, whenever possible. It would be very much appreciated if link to my content or credit mentioned it whenever my picture is being used. For blog policy privacy and discloser, please read about it here. Happy blogging and hope to hear from you!

lumi sign off with love cropped

3 thoughts on “About Lumi

    • Hi Jean,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. You have some really interesting photography work there! Look forward to greater things from you!

      I think I ended up at your blog via one of the fashion blogs, you liked a post there or something, your avatar picture profile caught my attention:))

      Thanks again, will work towards making my blog better. Still very new, hope to gain more friends along the way, someone like you.

      Have a magical week ahead too!

      Cheers from KL Malaysia,

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