Evian x Elie Saab A Tribute To Purity

elie saab1Evian x Elie SaabHave always loved Elie Saab’s creations! Love the way how his designs are very timeless, with elegant dresses that celebrate the feminine side of women, using the finest fabrics and intricate embellishment, it is dresses that women would fall in love with over and over again.

evian_es_75cl_HDWhen such a beautiful fashion brand collaborate with an esteemed water brand like Evian, one can imagine something beautiful and pure would be created – the Elie Saab Evian bottle! Derived from naturally filtered water of the glaciers, Evian water emerges as pure as nature would have crafted it. Both brands share a similar philosophy. The delicate Elie Saab lace and the refined silhouette of the Evian bottle combine to create a common vision of purity. Just love the lace motive designs on the bottle. Now, this is bliss in every drop!

Check out the videos and you will see what we mean *_^


[Spaces] Real Living’s 2012 Decor Comp Winner Mel Bradley’s Home

realliving cover smallerI have just discovered a real awesome interior design (home decor) magazine yesterday, hunting through back-dated issues. Real Living (Your Home, Made Easy) from Australia is such a great magazine, with heaps of designing ideas, nice layout and excellent pictures. It finally dawned on me that Australia is full of really magnificent homes! This is one of them.realliving1.1

realliving2.1realliving5.1Home of interior stylist and colour consultant, Mel Bradley and management consultant/musician husband, Chris Bradley, they share this lovely space with their two daughters. They bought over this post-war, faux brick cottage house with no redeeming features because they had it renovated in mind. They were going to create a home that was contemporary yet timeless.

realliving3.1realliving4.1They have decided on their colour scheme for the house – a black house with yellow as an ascent, with textures like exposed bricks, wooden beams and concrete. I totally think that she has created her dream home. For more of the magazine, here for their website. Real Living is also on Instagram @Reallivingmag

Till next time, have a luminous Wednesday *_^

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Too Cool For School: The New Korean Fix (Part 2) Lumi Favourites

tcfs Displaytcfs9 Dinoplatz mascaratcfs17 makeup pouchMake-up is cool with Too Cool For School. As if the array of make-up and skincare choices are not enough, they even have interestingly designed make-up pouches. I love them.

tcfs0 Blending Cream BBSo, which ones are my favourite Too Cool For School items? All right, I have to admit that I have concerns when it comes to BB Cream! You know how Koreans are famous for their BB Creams (those porcelain polished face, partly BB cream is their secret and now, CC Cream is already in the market!). Why? Simple because I have tried many samples, they never seem to feel right, especially the texture. It always seem too heavy or cakey (or too fair) on my skin. But I was in for a surprise when I tried Too Cool For School’s Blending Cream BB. It glides on ever so smoothly and effortlessly. It fits the skin pretty nicely and the best of all, it does not feel sticky and too heavy for the face to handle >_<

tcfs16 Dinoplatz HighlighterThe other secret to get that “glow”? Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion. (yay!) When you mix a little of this to the BB cream, it instantly gives you that glow. Amazing indeed. These two are some wonder products that I feel you must try to see the results yourself.

tcfs friendsIt was great that I popped by to their boutique at Bangsar (No.11, Ground Floor, Jalan Telawi 3), and you can always visit them there, or Robinsons, The Gardens. You can find them on Facebook too! Hope you will find your glow and awesome COOLNESS with Too Cool For School. Check out Part 1 of the post here.

Have fun and have a super duper happy weekend *_^

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[Blog Lovin] Simply Seductive

blog fashion simply seductive2Curated by blogger Linda from Canada, Simply Seductive is one of my very earlier favourite fashion and lifestyle blogs that I discovered some time ago, and has been following since. She has a sense of style and a keen eye for beauty that is very captivating! Hope you are as inspired as me, whenever I read her blog. See how beautiful that creamy pink beige dress is? Check out those eyelashes! Here for more. All pictures via Simply Seductive blog. Happy reading and blogging *_^blog fashion simply seductiveblog fashion simply seductive3

[Instagram] The Week Via IG

insta collage2

The past week have been pretty busy, basically, getting this new blog up and running, never taken so many pictures in a week in my life! BUT, I am enjoying it. Who am I kidding? I have always wanted to start this, now it has finally come true. I am glad and thanks so much for those of you out there, who have read, commented and followed me. Keep reading and I would most definitely love to hear from you, how to make this space even better.

As always, stay luminous and be happy *_^

A Fresh New Beginning at Luminnej

Luminnej Profile Pic Smaller

Hello everyone! I have finally got around to start a brand new blog, on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year 2013. Feels great!

Have been blogging for a while, but been wanting to gather everything I love under one roof, therefore, here I am. Hope to build readers as well as make some new friends along the way, and expand my writing world on all things that fascinate me – beauty, fashion, nature, places, spaces, designs, arts, music, films and everything else, that keep my creative juice flowing.

I hope this is a space to share thoughts and be inspired and be an inspiration to others, if any.

All right, have a fabulous Sunday! All cheers from sunny KL in Malaysia, this part of the world that I am currently at. Have a luminous life.