[Eating Out] BMS Organics Dinner

bms collage2We were heading for the movie premiere of Kisah Paling Gengster the other day. Hubby was hungry already, so we decided to head over to BMS Organics at One Utama to have a healthy dinner (we have been eating heartily for the past one week since Pat’s sister was back from UK! Too much of “good” food *_^).

bms collagebms4This was my first time dining there. I ordered the Vegetarian Vermicelli Soup with soy milk, black sesame healthy drink and hubby ordered the fried rice with ginger tea. Main course comes with a small shot of ginger tea and two spirulina tablets. Interesting!

bms7bms6I must say the ginger tea was superb! The aroma of the ginger was exceptionally strong but VERY good! It hits you hard. The fried rice tasted much better than my vermicelli soup I must confess. Perhaps the soup was quite light. Nonetheless, it was a great meal as my dish was filled with lots of mushrooms and cilantro (which I love). They also sell a great deal of organic produce and products, which is worth checking out! After all that series of family dinners recently, I guess it’s high time I go back to my simple meals, eating more healthily from here onwards *_^

[Cooking] A Little Black Is Good

ImageImageImageBeen meaning to share this for some time. This was what I cooked the other night for dinner. Though it may (not) look appetizing, but apparently, black fungus is very good for detoxifying our blood and helps maintain good health for our kidney (I love these). So, no harm eating some “black”/ dark coloured food for our meals. I made mushroom soup from white button mushrooms (with potatoes) and it turned out black! (but it was really creamy, thick and delicious, my hubby will vouch for me *_^) So, I called this dinner “Black Dinner”. I also fried egg with bitter gourds (which are never my sons favourite!). Nonetheless, not that important if it’s healthy, no? Haha. Better be healthy than be choosy!

Stay luminous and happy, always.Imagemushroom soupImage

Since we are on the subject of food, this was what we ate for breakfast yesterday, on a Sunday morning at Damansara Perdana. Since we moved away from there, my son, Aidan has been craving for TK Chong’s Chicken Hor Fun. Finally, we had a chance to go there, but we both realized that it tasted a little different than previously. After talking to the owner, only then we found out why. Apparently, the group of workers who used to prepare the dishes were no longer working there. At times, cooking is very uniquely “individualized”. Even though you may be given the same ingredients, each person’s cooking will come out tasting very different. This is one of my favourite FOOD BLOGS. It’s called My New Roots by Sarah Britton. She has amazing organic and healthy food recipes on her blog. Worth checking out! Here for more.

TK Chong chicken hor funblog food my new roots

[Eating Out] A Meaty Affair


We were all geared up, well, just my hubby and the two boys, for Despicable Me2 the movie the other night, so we had a quick dinner at this place that my hubby was going on and on, saying that I need to try. The kids also highly recommending me that I should. So, off we went. Not long after our order, an aroma filled the night air, and it made us even more hungrier than we already were! Out came all the dishes, displayed right in front of us, were, well, how should I put it, very sinful looking >_<

Imagebak4 smaller

I took a sip of the soup, it was delicious indeed! Very flavourful and the meat were so tender and juicy. This is our very own Chinese dish called Bak Kut Teh (pork meat and a mixture of mushrooms, intestines, etc.) boiled in a concoction of herbal-licious soup. It was a satisfying dinner indeed. I was really happy with the yam rice. NOT that healthy of a treat, but definitely a must try ff you are a meat lover yourself!

The Place: Grandpa Restaurant (No.21-G, Jalan PJS11/28B, Sunway Metro, Bandar Sunway, 46160, Petaling Jaya)ImageImage

[Cooking] All Things Bright Yellow

pumpkin soup N

Tonight I was in noodle mode, so, I made spaghetti with pesto and sliced pork meat, drizzled with olive oil and chili powder. I was also in the mood for something yellow (with a hint of golden), so I also prepared a pumpkin soup to go with my spaghetti. Am glad that  my family loved the dishes. I absolutely love pumpkin soup.

Hope you had a yummylicious and appetizing dinner, like me *-^



basil spaghetti N