Evian x Elie Saab A Tribute To Purity

elie saab1Evian x Elie SaabHave always loved Elie Saab’s creations! Love the way how his designs are very timeless, with elegant dresses that celebrate the feminine side of women, using the finest fabrics and intricate embellishment, it is dresses that women would fall in love with over and over again.

evian_es_75cl_HDWhen such a beautiful fashion brand collaborate with an esteemed water brand like Evian, one can imagine something beautiful and pure would be created – the Elie Saab Evian bottle! Derived from naturally filtered water of the glaciers, Evian water emerges as pure as nature would have crafted it. Both brands share a similar philosophy. The delicate Elie Saab lace and the refined silhouette of the Evian bottle combine to create a common vision of purity. Just love the lace motive designs on the bottle. Now, this is bliss in every drop!

Check out the videos and you will see what we mean *_^


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[Inspiration] Fashion Bloggers


Their beautiful pictures and content capture my heart, their traveling and adventures are, at times, so fascinating that I wish I were there, with them, experiencing it all. Here are some of my favourite fashion bloggers whom I love.

1. Gary Pepper by Nicole Warne: I love her exotic Japanese look and she always never fail to fascinate me with her travelling and really nicely taken pictures. Great fashion sense, and lovely make-up look. Here for more.

2. Harper & Harley by Sara Donalson: This Australian blogger has a cool sense and minimalist approach to her sense of fashion and style, which I absolutely love. Her look is pretty much monochromatic – basic black, white and grey. Lovely pictures too. Here for more.

3. Zanita Morgan: A photographer herself, she models and blogs her way to really nice world of writing and picture posting. Love her blonde look, at times, the styling can come across as Marilyn Monroe (if need be). Here for more.

4. Shine By Three: A fashion creative director, law student, stylist and photographer, this young girl has got some really nice pictures of herself. Interesting style, very structured at times, but can be very  feminine on other occasions. She loves strong bold colous, especially orange. Here for more.

5. Kayture by Kristina Bazan: A model and fashion blogger based in Switzerland. she is one hot and lovely young lady. Love her sense of exquisite style and she always seems to have a really polished make-up look (she rocks a good red lip). Loads of model travelling work and nice videos as well. Here for more.

6. Wendy’s Lookbook by Wendy Nguyen: A psychology graduate and a strong believer in social work, Wendy’s lookbook is a treasure trove of great sense of styling, nice pictures and always a good polished look. She also offers amazing styling tips on her youtube channel. Videos are usually very nicely done. Here for more.

7. Park Sora of Stylenanda: Stylenanda is a huge Korean brand name in the fashion and beauty industry. Co-founder to Stylenanda, Park Sora is a beauty that is so doll-like that one can’t seem to comprehend, her fair white-face-make-up is her signature look, but it works for her. Stylenanda is a clothing, fashion online brand, and they even have their own make-up line called 3 eyes concept. Here for more.

8. Karla’s closet: I love her curve, her fashion style and her styling. She also has her own line of accessories to go with her online fashion boutique. Lovely pictures indeed.¬†Here for more.

Of course, these are just some of the fashion bloggers I love, will share more with you next time! Stay luminous *-^