[Blog Lovin] Simply Seductive

blog fashion simply seductive2Curated by blogger Linda from Canada, Simply Seductive is one of my very earlier favourite fashion and lifestyle blogs that I discovered some time ago, and has been following since. She has a sense of style and a keen eye for beauty that is very captivating! Hope you are as inspired as me, whenever I read her blog. See how beautiful that creamy pink beige dress is? Check out those eyelashes! Here for more. All pictures via Simply Seductive blog. Happy reading and blogging *_^blog fashion simply seductiveblog fashion simply seductive3

Lumi On Flipboard

Imagelumi flipboard2A new discovery, I love the FLIPBOARD, the free magazine app for mobile devices like ipad. It is so sleek and easy to read and browse. Like polyvore, once you have created your account on Flipboard, you can simply +Flipit and add any articles, posts, videos or images you love, or would love to read into your own magazine! Naturally, you can create as many magazines as you like. Great contents.

You can find lumi on FLIPBOARD too, by just searching for “luminnej” or “Jennifer Liew”. I currently have two magazines for now. Click on the luminnej one to view the blog on your ipad.

What great discovery! I personally believe that one must discover and learn ONE new thing each day, in life, for that’s the secret to be a better person, every single day. Love life, love yourself. I hope you have made a new discovery today *_^

Here are two of my latest polyvore creations.ImageImage

A Fresh New Beginning at Luminnej

Luminnej Profile Pic Smaller

Hello everyone! I have finally got around to start a brand new blog, on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year 2013. Feels great!

Have been blogging for a while, but been wanting to gather everything I love under one roof, therefore, here I am. Hope to build readers as well as make some new friends along the way, and expand my writing world on all things that fascinate me – beauty, fashion, nature, places, spaces, designs, arts, music, films and everything else, that keep my creative juice flowing.

I hope this is a space to share thoughts and be inspired and be an inspiration to others, if any.

All right, have a fabulous Sunday! All cheers from sunny KL in Malaysia, this part of the world that I am currently at. Have a luminous life.