The Sun In Me

ImageImageI am not a morning person, but I can choose to be, if I want to. That’s the beauty of waking up earlier in the morning, you get a glimpse of what nature sees in you, and you see in her, in return. She whispers into my ears, I run after her shadows. I pluck the soft pink petals on the branches with my mind, the sun shows her morning glow, piercing through those dancing leaves, teasing me, wanting me to follow her more. I am but an observer, beneath this naked early morning sky. I love my world, I love my life, this very morning. I wish you have that same love, in yours, or even more, than I do. LOVE and PEACEImageImage


[Colour Inspiration] The Colour of Serenity

Today I am feeling GREEN. Any shades of green would send one’s heart flutter to a whole new world of serenity and tranquility. They do eventually calm my nerves of going through a crazy traffic early this rainy morning here. My day wasn’t exactly rosy but now, it is better already! It’s wonderful how colours can be therapeutic after all.

Hope you have your favourite colours in life. Stay luminous and happy always *_^

ImageImageImage Imageemily-blunt in blue greenzara green lace pantswendy emeraldDu Juan - Vogue China, August 2012 - 4rainy jam1

Healthy Morning Treat With Kate Beckinsale

It rained the whole day yesterday, making it so gloomy yet mystical at the same time. I love a gloomy day (minus the stomachache that I was having yesterday). Having said that, am glad that the sun decided to show her glory this morning. It was fantastic that the weather has finally cleared. I usually start my day with a good breakfast, if possible. One of my favourite read is the Women’s Health Magazine. I got this past issue with Kate Beckinsale on the cover for only RM5! What a steal. I love the layout and design of the magazine, as well as a whole load of information to chew on. Well, I was chewing on my wholemeal bread with a spread of avocado, tomato and egg. Yummylicious indeed *_^Image

I also love my tomatoes to bits. Can’t seem to get enough of these little red bundle of joy! Oh, check out a behind the scene video of the photo shoot with Kate below. Awesome looking!

Have a healthy and beautiful day ahead! Stay luminous *_^