[Bread] Soft Fluffy Dreams With Komugi

ImageImageOh how I love BREAD! (and desserts). At first, I didn’t quite get what my hubby was fussing about, kept going on and on about these lovely little buns from Komugi at Sunway Pyramid, until I tried one the other day. My, they are really heavenly tasty! Soft in texture, moist in most cases, and they come with quite some variety (with cute names to go with each too *_^). These are a few that we had. LOVE them all.

The fuwa fuwa cream bun was so yummilicious that we gobbled it down in a flash! Not in time for me to even snap a picture. See below *_^

The fuwa fuwa cream bun was so yummilicious that we gobbled it down in a flash! Not in time for me to even snap a picture. See below *_^


For more delicious treats, go to their official website here, and FB link here. Stay luminous and happy!

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[Cooking] A Little Black Is Good

ImageImageImageBeen meaning to share this for some time. This was what I cooked the other night for dinner. Though it may (not) look appetizing, but apparently, black fungus is very good for detoxifying our blood and helps maintain good health for our kidney (I love these). So, no harm eating some “black”/ dark coloured food for our meals. I made mushroom soup from white button mushrooms (with potatoes) and it turned out black! (but it was really creamy, thick and delicious, my hubby will vouch for me *_^) So, I called this dinner “Black Dinner”. I also fried egg with bitter gourds (which are never my sons favourite!). Nonetheless, not that important if it’s healthy, no? Haha. Better be healthy than be choosy!

Stay luminous and happy, always.Imagemushroom soupImage

Since we are on the subject of food, this was what we ate for breakfast yesterday, on a Sunday morning at Damansara Perdana. Since we moved away from there, my son, Aidan has been craving for TK Chong’s Chicken Hor Fun. Finally, we had a chance to go there, but we both realized that it tasted a little different than previously. After talking to the owner, only then we found out why. Apparently, the group of workers who used to prepare the dishes were no longer working there. At times, cooking is very uniquely “individualized”. Even though you may be given the same ingredients, each person’s cooking will come out tasting very different. This is one of my favourite FOOD BLOGS. It’s called My New Roots by Sarah Britton. She has amazing organic and healthy food recipes on her blog. Worth checking out! Here for more.

TK Chong chicken hor funblog food my new roots

Healthy Morning Treat With Kate Beckinsale

It rained the whole day yesterday, making it so gloomy yet mystical at the same time. I love a gloomy day (minus the stomachache that I was having yesterday). Having said that, am glad that the sun decided to show her glory this morning. It was fantastic that the weather has finally cleared. I usually start my day with a good breakfast, if possible. One of my favourite read is the Women’s Health Magazine. I got this past issue with Kate Beckinsale on the cover for only RM5! What a steal. I love the layout and design of the magazine, as well as a whole load of information to chew on. Well, I was chewing on my wholemeal bread with a spread of avocado, tomato and egg. Yummylicious indeed *_^Image

I also love my tomatoes to bits. Can’t seem to get enough of these little red bundle of joy! Oh, check out a behind the scene video of the photo shoot with Kate below. Awesome looking!

Have a healthy and beautiful day ahead! Stay luminous *_^