[Instagram] The Week of Falling Behind on IG

ImageDon’t know why, there were less pictures took with my iphone than pictures taken with my camera. Perhaps I was caught up with using the camera these days for the blog:)) But my usual routine would still be browsing through the pictures I follow on IG. Love all of them as they are the windows to my world beyond where I am currently based. So nice and refreshing to see things from others’ perspectives. Hope you had a great week, and an awesome week ahead! I love my sky from my window. They seem whimsical at times.

Stay cool and happy, all the time.

Oh by the way, just bumped into this. An article at Communications by Arik Hanson intrigues me. Now I know the reasons why most of us (and big brands too!) are on IG. Click here to see why! Burberry-IG


My Little Beauty Fun


“Girls just want to have fun!”, Cyndi Lauper sang long long time ago, yet it still rings so true till today (no matter how “young” you are). This is my fun. Victoria’s Secret Kissable Whipped Body Creme (here for more). This one is very special to me, as it was a gift to me when my hubby went on a US work trip, I use it only on special occasions *_^ Kanebo Blanchir Superior Moisturizer (here for more). I like this for its light texture. Can’t get enough of this. This is a serum which I go to, for some anti-aging solution. Love my Nukin Ageloc Future Serum (here for more) as it works on a cellular level to combat signs of aging. I would slather on a little of Young Blood Mineral Primer (here for more) before my foundation. It does help to prime the skin and I adore the clear fluid. Besides, it’s healthy with no harmful chemicals (this has become more important to me as I age). Bobbi Brown lip balm to protect my lips (here for more). Most of all, an SPF50+, PA++ Sun Shades sunblock for my everyday sun protection from Melaleuca (here for more). This is nice because it is light and does not leave my skin feeling sticky (which I can’t stand). This is what I am using for now, perhaps I may try something new next time? Will see.

What’s your beauty fun? Share with me, if any. Would love to know.

Have a luminous Tuesday morning and be happy! See how my Kanebo Blanchir Superior Deep White Milk Conditioner “glows” in the dark >_<Image

A Sunny Orange Afternoon

oranges in the sun and shadow

These are unbelievably juicy and delicious! See, they are so nice that they scream, “Eat Me!” The colour orange is such a sunny pop. It can brighten up any occasion. What’s more, it’s full of healthy-licious fiber.  Though I personally can’t carry this strong colour that well, but I absolutely love that pop of sunny orange in these pictures. Head over heels with the orange heels with all white dressing!

Yay! Have a bright cheery Friday and stay luminous  *_^

reflected by the sea2bathing in the sunorange overcoat n turquoise suede pumpsneon orange heelsorange bikini