[A Sneak Peek] My 2nd Faces Personality


Pictures by Jenny Sun via Jenny Sun Photography (blog)

Believe me when I say that you will not want to miss this next personality whom I will be featuring. Met her (yes, it’s a she) last week and we had a fun time. I was clicking away with my camera (just couldn’t resist).
Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, here’s something to tickle your imagination. Stay luminous and happy!


[A Sneak Peek] First Personality On Faces

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I had been very busy last Sunday afternoon, mainly because I was meeting up with my very first personality, whom I will be featuring for FACES very soon. Do you have an idea who that may be? Do these pictures give you any hint at all? Stay tuned for this space to find out who this fashion designer is! I am very excited. Can’t wait to work on this very special post >_<