As White As Dream, That Dream of You

Leaving behind, I stripped away those colours that would define me. Nothing but pure creamy WHITE. Feeling naked and liberated, I crushed into the sand of time, walking along those waves of unbelievably soft and beautiful corners of my mind, … Continue reading

[Chilling Out] Coffee @ Donutes

Lost in the moment of different faces at different corners, words overlapping within conversations of casual exchanges, at times rhythmic, at times high and low in pitch, but never once drowned by the jazzy tune that is lingering in this night air. Sipping my cup of mocha bit by bit, I wonder if the conversations over coffee and casual desserts and buns are deep in meanings of love, or perhaps daily chats like the wind blow casually, or could they be the freshness of friendships or reconnections of relationships? Whatever they may be, everyone is here for a good time, I feel. The night is slipping away, I am slowly enjoying my cup of coffee, flipping through pages of fashion magazines while trying to capture a fraction of my wondering mind, putting them down into words and actually thinking that this moment in life, is worth savoring after all *_^