Inspiring Creativity, An Artistry That Is Shiseido Professional – Part 1

sa single1This is not my first hair show. I have been to and worked on one many years back. Nothing could have prepared me for something this EXCITING! From the time LUMINNEJ received the invitation (thanks Shiseido Malaysia!) to the event day, I have been waiting, anxiously, can’t wait to set foot at the fabulous Royale Chulan Hotel. The night was finally here. It was Shiseido Professional’s Beauty Innovator Award 2013 – Artistry of Inspiring Creativity! It is the largest cross-cultural hair design photo competition of its kind, bringing together the top hairstyling talents across eight countries – Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.  Impressive indeed.

sa guests collagesa singlesa finalist collage1sa finalist collage2The crowd was sizzling, the food was tantalizing, the wine was dreamy, the prized car (a very colourful one) was definitely tempting! I even had a chance to meet up with some old industry friends like fashion designer Khoon Hooi and fabulous make-up artist, Monica Lee. The work of the top 11 semi-finalists were being displayed. It was interesting to see, how some of the top nation hairstylists came up with their creations, the concepts behind them and what actually influenced and inspired them.

finalist work collage1The competition was steep, to say the least (from over hundreds of entries nationwide). The competing hairstylists had  to impress a panel of esteemed judges who are talented professionals from the industry. This night, the top 5 finalists will be selected, and will be making their way to an all-expense paid trip (thanks to Mayfair) to Japan to attend the Shiseido Professional Beauty Congress to be held in Tokyo this coming February 2014! (How I wish LUMINNEJ can be there too *_^)

finalist work collage2These top 5 winners will be judged, again, by  the panel of Grand Jury comprising of  Shiseido Beauty Top Specialists, Mr. Masa Otake, as well as renowned photographers and designers. Only ONE Grand Prix winner will be chosen and the lucky winner will be driving home an all-new Nissan Almera 1.6, sponsored by Edaran Tan Chong. So nice! Some of the other Choice Awards up for grab included Shiseido Best Makeup Award, NUYOU Choice Award, Estetica Asia Choice Award, Shiseido Professional Popularity Award and H4ufme Choice Award. So, which ones are your favourites?

IMG_5925We were invited to be seated inside the Grand Ballroom as the show was about to begin. The moment I saw the stage, I was absolutely mesmerized by it. Such simple elegance. It has that very clean, simple, old kyoto-Japanese feel, yet being juxtaposed by intriguing visuals. Two big screens on stage, at each side, displaying some of the most vividly colourful and beautiful images of everything Japan – the food, the culture, the city, the landscapes. Extremely beautiful! I was immediately transported to a whole different dream world all together already.IMG_5927IMG_5926

Something interesting is brewing! To find out more about the show, stay tuned to my next blog post! Till then, have a fantastic weekend ahead.

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[Places] Rooftop Meals With A View


Wouldn’t it be magical if you can enjoy a great drink or perhaps meal while taking in the whole view of the city or beautiful skyline as you dine? I believe it would feel like you are on top of the world, for that moment, and all your daily worries will all be melt away, instantaneously. Well, I know I would, for sure! I came across this link via one of my favourite blogs, This Is Glamorous by Roseline (here for more), where she shared a few lovely links, and it brought me over to another great blog called Small Shop Studio! Let’s enjoy the views at some of the bars here, shall we? Let’s have a mental vacation, before the real ones roll in *_^


1. Luna Tapas Bar, Rosewood San Miguel de Allende Hotel, Mexico

2. La Terraza, Ferragamo’s Continentale Hotel, Florence

3. Le Panoramique, Chamonix, France

4. Ristorante Bramante, Raphael Hotel, Rome

5. Mikla, Marmara Pera Hotel, Istanbul

6. Sky Bar, Bangkok

So, are you ready to pack your bags? You can check out more rooftop bars here! Have an awesome Monday >_<

[Inspiration] Fashion Bloggers


Their beautiful pictures and content capture my heart, their traveling and adventures are, at times, so fascinating that I wish I were there, with them, experiencing it all. Here are some of my favourite fashion bloggers whom I love.

1. Gary Pepper by Nicole Warne: I love her exotic Japanese look and she always never fail to fascinate me with her travelling and really nicely taken pictures. Great fashion sense, and lovely make-up look. Here for more.

2. Harper & Harley by Sara Donalson: This Australian blogger has a cool sense and minimalist approach to her sense of fashion and style, which I absolutely love. Her look is pretty much monochromatic – basic black, white and grey. Lovely pictures too. Here for more.

3. Zanita Morgan: A photographer herself, she models and blogs her way to really nice world of writing and picture posting. Love her blonde look, at times, the styling can come across as Marilyn Monroe (if need be). Here for more.

4. Shine By Three: A fashion creative director, law student, stylist and photographer, this young girl has got some really nice pictures of herself. Interesting style, very structured at times, but can be very  feminine on other occasions. She loves strong bold colous, especially orange. Here for more.

5. Kayture by Kristina Bazan: A model and fashion blogger based in Switzerland. she is one hot and lovely young lady. Love her sense of exquisite style and she always seems to have a really polished make-up look (she rocks a good red lip). Loads of model travelling work and nice videos as well. Here for more.

6. Wendy’s Lookbook by Wendy Nguyen: A psychology graduate and a strong believer in social work, Wendy’s lookbook is a treasure trove of great sense of styling, nice pictures and always a good polished look. She also offers amazing styling tips on her youtube channel. Videos are usually very nicely done. Here for more.

7. Park Sora of Stylenanda: Stylenanda is a huge Korean brand name in the fashion and beauty industry. Co-founder to Stylenanda, Park Sora is a beauty that is so doll-like that one can’t seem to comprehend, her fair white-face-make-up is her signature look, but it works for her. Stylenanda is a clothing, fashion online brand, and they even have their own make-up line called 3 eyes concept. Here for more.

8. Karla’s closet: I love her curve, her fashion style and her styling. She also has her own line of accessories to go with her online fashion boutique. Lovely pictures indeed. Here for more.

Of course, these are just some of the fashion bloggers I love, will share more with you next time! Stay luminous *-^

[Places] Lost in Time

ImageImageImageImageImagePenang is most definitely one of my favourite places. It holds great memories for me as I spent four years of my university life there, carefree and adventurous, nonetheless. It has so much to offer, from culturally infused heritage streets and buildings, to heavenly delightful food and sights to visit. Here is one place that I popped by many years ago, while it was being restored. I met a Mynmar worker there and befriended him. He even wrote me letters!

Here, I revisited, with my hubby (tall guy in red) and it still smells of the fresh memories that linger on, in my mind. The intricate sculpting work and design intrigued me the most. A place called Thean Ho Kong (Temple of Heavenly Queen), it was founded in 1860s and went through restorations, but still remain, strong, against the test of time.

Let there be a place, you hold close to your heart and will always visit, again and again.